HERO is a comprehensive business venture designed to distribute, educate and promote good health in communities that it serves. Using healthy food, produce and other Products as tools to stimulate the desire of a market that already exist can open doors to community development.

Our perspective utilizes the concept of social and community Triage, that is attending to the legitimate needed of all people with emphasis on those with the more urgent needs. With that focus we address first the African Americans (Blacks) who badly need jobs and good healthy foods; we believe this will attract the African American (Blacks) community to get involved as fast as they can afford to do so.

Recent studies show poor health and hypertension from the lack of good employment is taking a toll on the Black community. The Black community needs a HERO business model that can raise awareness and good health at the same time.


With a box of good, clean and healthy food which will help to educate the community of the benefits of eating and properly preparing the food they have been given. Initially these food boxes will be made available every two weeks, by ordering them from the HERO website which also educates the purchasers on what is in the Boxes along with other goods and services connected to the Hero’s website. Once ordered, boxes will be picked up from a convenient location or delivered to the Customers door. All orders must be purchased with a debit card online (no cash accepted).